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Subject: [Leica] slide scanner/data base
From: hlritter at (Howard L Ritter, Jr)
Date: Thu Jun 17 14:43:13 2004

I just recently began to read about, and now have my own one of, the new
Epson Perfection 4870 flatbed scanner. The reviews claim, and my experience
bears out, that it produces scans (complete with Digital ICE4, etc) that
rival the quality of a dedicated 35mm film scanner. It will do up to 8
slides at a time or other film sizes to I think 6x7 inches. It will also,
optionally, apply various levels of several types of optimization during the
scan process. For under $500 at B&H Photo-Video, it's a great way to get
excellent digital files of your photos. If that's too much money, scans that
should be fine for viewing on your computer screen can be made with any of
Epson's lesser models.

I too am in the process of digitizing the best of my own 45 years of slides
(starting with a Graphic 35 f/3.5 before moving up to an M2X in 1963), and
when I saw the raves about this rig I was almost sorry I'd just spent $1600
the week before for a new Nikon LS-5000 with auto feeder. The latter
accessory and the ability to have the scanner do a roll of slides while I'm
away at work etc is the only reason I am not returning the LS-5000!


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Subject: [Leica] slide scanner/data base

I am considering scanning my 49 year's worth of slides. And I would
like to have them in some sort of soft ware which will allow me to
access by various criteria: e.g., name; place; date, etc.
I need assistance in deciding on a scanner. I do not need nor can I
afford a "pro" level scanner, but rather one that will give me a decent
digital image that will allow slide show on my iBook. For better
presentations I can always haul out the projector.

As for the software. I don't even know if such a data base exist, but
would appreciate any help.

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