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Subject: [Leica] C41 B&W?
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Thu Jun 10 06:21:54 2004

On 6/10/04 5:41 AM, "" <> wrote:

> In a message dated 10/06/2004 13:36:08 GMT Daylight Time,
> writes:
> I am  wondering if there is any advantage to using the C41 B&W films  over
> shooting color negs and converting to B&W?  Do you gain  anything?  Loose
> anything other than  color?
As I am forced to shoot color when I shoot digital as there is no monochrome
setting I was forced to get used to it but I took to it like a fish to
architecture.. Somewhere along the way I was also acclimated to using Fuji
NPZ color neg 800 as my all around film. Printing it monochrome, duo chrome,
you name it chrome at will. I enjoy the increase of information I get by
shooting with media which is aware of chroma. I'm thinking of experimenting
with the Fuji Superior films with the idea of using the 100 on my backdrop
and the 800 all around. I'm not sure how they well stack up to the
professional films; the NPC 160 and NPZ 800 which I've been using and will
continue to use in 220. It seems they might cost half as much. Film feels
expensive when you are more used to not having to pay for it. As in shooting
I do have problems with cropping film to a panoramic format. It has to be
set up like that in the first place. Viewfinder, back and all. I can't waste

Mark Rabiner
Portland Oregon

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