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Subject: [Leica] I Need a Simple Solution
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Wed Jun 9 15:23:31 2004

On 6/9/04 2:58 PM, "Saganich, Christopher/Medical Physics"
<> wrote:

> I know for a fact there is an abundance of clever people on this list.  I 
> need
> a simple solution to the following problem:
> I carry my Leica around a lot slug over my shoulder without any cases or
> camera bags, (keep the lens cap on now).  What I notice is that a 
> formidable
> amount of lint/dust works its way behind the glass in the eye piece as a
> result I suspect of the constant rubbing against my shirt or jacket.  In 
> walking 3 or 4 miles a day isn't unusual (it's why we have the best legs in
> the business, except for Graham that is).  I just received my camera back 
> from
> NJ where they fixed the arresting disc on the speed dial, and I noticed 
> they
> cleaned the dust/dirt from the eyepiece and I want to keep it that way!
> Please help me find a way to keep the lint out without changing my 
> clothing or
> habits (good or bad).  My first thought is, how is the lint getting in 
> there
> in the first place? Can the entry rout be plugged?
> Thanks,
> Chris Saganich
> Brooklyn, NY
When you get home blast your camera with one of those cans of compressed
air. I blast any lens I put on my camera or into my bag or anything going or
coming anywhere. But I don?t take a small can of compressed air with me if I
was more organized I perhaps would. You don?t want to blast your shutter
curtain or a few other things though so ask around first. Not all the blast
cans put a hole in the ozone layer. Most don?t now I think.

Mark Rabiner
Portland Oregon

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