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Subject: [Leica] Dayton 2004 photos
From: durling at (Mike Durling)
Date: Wed Jun 2 20:23:10 2004
References: <>

While not up on Collins gear I have been an afficinado of the Vibroflex 
bug for many years, though I have lately let my skills lapse.  Like my 
Leicas mine can most charitibly be described as a "good user".

Both are wonderful devices in the hands of a skilled user.  Likewise 
they require a certain amount of effort in the development of the craft.

Mike D

Peter Klein wrote:
> Mike:  As Gene well knows, Collins and Vibroplex users and collectors have
> a lot in common with Leica people.  The Collins S-Line was the Leica of
> tube-based ham radio equipment.  The Vibroplex "bug" is a jewel of a
> mechanical device.  For those unfamiliar, it's a semiautomatic telegraph
> key that sends the Morse code "dots" by means of a vibrating spring.
> Devotees of Collins and Vibroplex are fanatical.  The equipment is
> technically obsolete but capable of the finest results when operated by
> knowing hands.  And the average age of the users is. . . well, see the
> other pictures :-)   Sound familiar?
> --Peter Klein
> Seattle, WA
> Mike Durling <> wrote:
>>Just goes to show you, its not just Leica people.
> re. Gene Duprey's:
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> Leica Users Group.
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