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Subject: [Leica] Tech pan
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Tue May 25 18:22:11 2004

Tech pan is repackaged "Kodak High Contrast Copy film"

In D76 1:1 it will with even minimal development only deliver printable negs
which were shot in extremely low contrast situations like low shade. You
will not get general purpose results even is 0 is your favorite grade paper
and you use a squeezably soft-light made by Charmin electronics division..

When it was repackaged they came out with the ultra low contrast Technical?
Ultra expensive liquid developer to go with it. Others had come up with
their own they mixed up with a scale. Cheaper but on the down side:
And you need a green filter to shoot people is is hyper red sensitive.

So you need a developer in the ultra low contrast category.
And not just low contrast. Not just extra low contrast.
But ultra low contrast.
Pretty much.

Give me Ilfords Pan F any day.
IN Xtol or Rodinal or any number of sharp developer options...

Maybe even Neopan Acros. I'd probably go with that.

Why did the Neopan Acros the road?

Mark Rabiner
Portland Oregon


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