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Subject: [Leica] Epson digital, or what?
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Tue May 25 18:08:03 2004

Putting older Nikon glass on newer Nikon cameras is not in the same category
as putting Leica glass on an EOS camera I don?t feel. But as far as mis
matches go I feel even more so Olympus OM glass on it's digital cameras in
which the lens is not a great match for the body it is "adapted" to in both
form and function..
The image circle (four thirds) which sounds like a great thing shape wise
perhaps is in fact an image circle half the size of film making of a 2 times
magnification instead of the 1.5 the industry had instantly gotten used to.
As cute as an Zuiko OM glass from the 70's might look on one of the cameras
of that era it's not going to look so cute on a modern E camera. Also
considering the image circle of these lense are twice what the E camera is
covering I'd want cuteness. And lots of it. To make up for the image quality
I'm not going to get.
And also considering the value of the "digital" glass Olympus is coming up
with with it's not short list of different parameters for digital needs. You
are going to end up having two different systems on your hands in the end.

A real downer so far is the fact that the glass Olympus has so far come up
with for this system although designed for an image circle half the size of
35mm film photography is full sized and full priced. You may have a cute
little image circle but you don?t have cute little cheaper glass to go with
it which I'd expect to be the case.
If the five or 6 companies really end up being involved than third party
glass would be availed which I'd expect to have these parameters.
Fuji photo film, matsushita electric industrial co., ltd., Sanyo electric
co., ltd., and sigma corporation. Sigma of course being the culprit to come
out with the more tempting glass. Or the only other option.

People with Canon's or Nikons on the other hand as they go digital have a
camera system which involves both film and digital bodies to go with their

Also as of the first of this month there has been a big price cut in The E
system indicating that it is not catching on. But naturally we buy low and
sell high! :)

And it's four thirds concept was come up with partially with the idea of
addressing noise issues with digital photography. And it seems to be the
noisiest system of all if half the revues it's getting prove accurate.
Not that some cheap and effective anti noise software isn't part of plenty
of peoples workflow already.

*   Camera            Mp      Sensor       Image (pixies) Body(mm)   Mass(g)
*   Olympus E1         5.1    17.4x13.1    2560x1920    141x104x81    660
*   Nikon D100         6.1    23.7x15.6    3008x2000    144x116x81    700
*   Nikon D2H          4.1    23.1x15.5    2484x1636    158x150x86    1,070
*   Canon EOS-10D      6.3    22.7x15.1    3072x2048    150x107x75    790
*   Canon EOS-1Ds      11.1   35.8x23.8    4064x2704    156x158x80    1265
*   Canon EOS-1D       4.1    28.7x19.1    2464x1648    156x158x80    1585
*   Pentax *ist DSLR   6.1    23.5x15.7    Unknown      129x95x60     510

Mark Rabiner
Portland Oregon


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