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Subject: [Leica] M7 base plate plastic! My Black Paint is Better than Yours
From: bdcolen at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Mon May 24 08:17:40 2004

Truth be told, Ted? Our motives are VERY similar! "New lens? This old
thing? You just don't pay any attention to my equipment." :-)

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B. D. Colen  offered:
> I have to say the before joining this list any time I bought a piece 
> of new camera equipment, whatever the brand, while I was still in the 
> store I'd take it out of the box, pull off that annoying plastic 
> bottom plate condom, gather up all the booklets and mail in crap other

> than the english instruction manual - if it was a camera body or flash

> - and the warranty, and hand all the garbage over the sales person and

> ask him to toss it for me. <<<<<<

Hi B. D.,
I do the same thing, only for a different reason. ;-)

This applied to Leica stuff only. Then I'd put the camera or lens in the
equipment shoulder bag and go home so I could get it in the house
without "she who must be obeyed" knowing I'd got a new piece of gear.

Eventually it would come out of the bag in her presence, sometimes a
couple of weeks later after used on an assignment or two. I'd always
hope she'd not notice. :-)  But dang it never worked, maybe once or
twice. But she'd say, ........"Oh I haven't seen that before, when did
that arrive?"

Then it would start. ;-)  Me in the glue again for buying something it
seems in her words  ...... "you don't need that! How much better are
your pictures going to be with that?" And it would go on seemed like
never ending, as she's relentless when it comes to ragging me for buying
stuff. :-) leica stuff that is. :-)

I've tried every means possible to get gear past her with no avail,
nothing works. ;-) So that's why I dump all the boxes and paper work in
the store and even that doesn't help.


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