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Subject: [Leica] Hey, Did I Call YOU a Republican?
From: bdcolen at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Fri May 21 05:54:09 2004

I have an OM4 and Om1n and a bunch of lenses. I have used it very little
over the last dozen years, but recently did inorder to mount the 21f2 -
which is an amazing lens in terms of speed, relatively quality, and
ability to focus to less than 10 inches....The OM series is in some ways
the real Leica SLR - or what the Leica SLRs should have been.
Unfortunately, while incredibly well designed and thought out, the
cameras were NOT built to take any kind of beating...which of course the
Leicas - M and Rs - are....

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Subject: RE: [Leica] Hey, Did I Call YOU a Republican?

> So, does anybody else have an M-sized Olympus OM as his/her "second" 
> 35mm camera?
> Craig
> Washington, DC
> _______________________________________________

Hi Craig,

I have and use an OLYMPUS OM. I use it LIBERALly and after ELECTING to
upgrade the lenses recently I have ruined my DOMESTIC ECONOMY.

This is my latest effort. I was going to be REVOLUTIONary and use
infra-RED film but opted for CNN400 (sp). The SHOT is my usual stuff,
BUSHes, trees, birds SITTING ON THE FENCE and a GRASSY KNOLL. I  removed
a PINK-Orange tinge after seeing a DEMO of the technique. Was I RIGHT to
do so or should I have LEFT it alone?


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