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Subject: [Leica] A Runner's eye view of the Boston Marathon
From: bdcolen at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Sun May 9 17:06:51 2004

As far as I know, it is true - and frankly, looking at the subject, I am
inclined to believe it. The 'shooter' comes across like any looney,
creative MIT kid. The one thing I don't know, and I've sent the
photographer an Email asking him, is whether he set up the trash bin
sequence, whether the subject suggested and set it up, or whether it
just 'happened.' 

But, yes, it's an amazing piece of work. The photos themselves vary
widely in quality, with most mediocre at best, but a few quite strong.
But the text and photos together are a real killer. As I viewed it for
the first time, schizophrenia didn't occur to me, but I was certainly
going to tell my student to do everything he could to get his subject
into MIT mental health for help for depression - and then comes that
last section. Wow.

As to the running essay, I - obviously - think you guys are being more
than a bit harsh. We're talking student here; not photo student; not
journalism student; not art student; but science student at MIT taking a
liberal arts course to fill out a requirement. Someone who hasn't done
any photography before, and someone to whom running a marathon is a new
experience. I judge my students based on where they've come from and
where they end up - not on the basis of whether they turn out something
that's ready for prime time; I expect the best to get better, and the
worst to get better. And best or worst, I think that what she produced
is something that's fun to look at, and that definitely tells a story,
visually and in words. I may be wrong, but I'm going to guess that both
of you run, or have been runners, and so to you it's ho-hum. But I may
be wrong. :-)

B. D.

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On Sunday, May 9, 2004 Don Dory thoughtfully wrote:

>It's funny how perceptions vary.  I found the marathon essay pedantic 
>and uninspired: nothing revealing to me in the essay about running, 
>exhaustion, pushing on.  Obviously, others have a 180.
>However, is an 
>incredible essay.  Someone like I have never known is revealed with 
>words and in images that entirely describe the subject in visual terms.

>This student needs to be moved to head of the line.

WOW - I'm totally in agreement with you, Don. I find myself in a very
complex space - is this a true. Is this narrative real. If so I have a
tremdous compassion for this young man and hope that he both seeks and
receives treatment.

If this is not a real story then it is a wonderful work of fiction that
made something achingly real for me.

I absolutely concur with your assessment, Don. I believe the author of
this piece made his own journey and took us along a path of almost
fractal complexity. I've gone back through the site and knowing the end
it plays differently, and better. If it were an art exhibit I'd find
myself wanting to experience it non-linearly after the first linear

I find myself wanting to meet both people. Although I'm wondering if
it's just one person both teller and subject. I may well work that way

I delight in ambiguity. There is much to find delightful here.

Next stop: Wonderland.


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