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Subject: [Leica] re: leica name recognition
From: bdcolen at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Fri May 7 07:11:13 2004

That's truly astounding. I can certainly see salespeople of other brands
poopooing any Leica advantage, saying that Canon or Nikon or whatever
glass is as good...but to talk about "average" lens quality, poor build,
etc.? That's just plain stupid....

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Subject: RE: [Leica] re: leica name recognition


I agree with you 100%.  Most shop salespeople knock Leica very badly.
The interesting thing is they proliferate the story that Leicas are not
reliable, and very poor quality control for such an expensive product,
and average quality lenses.  When I get this story, I ask, 'Have you
ever used one?'  The answer I get is 'No, but that is what I've heard
about them.' There are a few stores which promote them very favorably


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Uh, Kyle, I'm not talking about pros. Of course pros know what the heck
a Leica is. We're talking about who the mass marketing machine is
targeting. There are WAY more amateur photographers running around than
there are "pros" (however you define professional) buying lots of Canons
and Nikons and even Leicas, proportionately, than there are
professionals buying them, otherwise none of these companies would be in
business. If there are fewer Leicas sold, even at the higher price, than
one would expect, I attribute some of that to salespeople who are not
trained to sell them.

How many clients have I served who have told me, "Well, I went into my
favorite big camera store the other day to look at a Leica, and the
salesman said, 'uh, what the heck do you want one of those for?'" Either
that, or as soon as they mention that they'd leica Leica, the salesman
(and yes, I am being sexist, because most of the camerasellers these
days are boys, though I've been treated just as badly by female
salespersons as by male) says, 'are you a professional? You won't want
that unless you're a professional.'" Huh? Duh? Wha?

Excuse me? Sloppy salesmanship, methinks. So there is an opportunity to
introduce someone to a Leica. Perhaps the introducer doesn't know enough
about the camera to say much of anything. With that attitude--"whaddya
want it for?"--I'd bet the salesperson has no idea what to say about
much of anything, Leica or not!

Kit (

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Subject: [Leica] re: leica name recognition

kit sed:

>Leica sales suffer from not being promoted properly by salesfolks in 
>the camera business. It's just easier to sell an SLR that everyone has 
>heard of in the latest magazines

i can guarrentee you that every one of those photographers in that line
with the 300mm f 2.8 lens on the monopod waiting for the president to
get out of marine one knows what a leica is. it's not name recognition,
it's practicality. i'm sure a good percentage of them would love to be
using a leica to do their job but they'd get consistantly beaten to the
punch by all the people with the white lenses and never sell a photo. i
see there's a 4 gigabyte hitachi microdrive now -- that's a lot of
photos without having to open up the back of your camera. and despite
what mark r. says about the metering system on 30 year old cameras, it
doesn't hold a candle to matrix metering when you're doing something
like daylight balenced fill flash. imho, that's the reason the pro's
(ted and sal excepted, of course) arent using leicas, not because they
don't know what they are or because leica's advertising campaing is

my .02 take it for what it's worth.

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