Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2004/05/05

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Subject: [Leica] Ten years behind? I think not.
From: MCyclWritr at (
Date: Wed May 5 14:37:02 2004

Gene writes: 
>>...I would buy the Kodak SLR PRO14n.  In my book it shoots rings
around the Canon 1Ds where it counts.<<

And, Gene, where would that be? Where does it count? 

>From what I've read, image quality from the Canon 1Ds is above that of the 
Kodak. In fact, the 1Ds, with L-Series lenses, is on a par with the best medium 
format film bodies and lenses. It's not just the number of (mega)pixels, it's 
the quality of pixels. 

Maybe the nice people in Rochester (they are still there, right) would send 
you a nice Christmas card for toting around a kludge job D-SLR with the Kodak 
name? Is that where it counts?

-Chris Lawson (can only aspire to 1Ds worthiness)