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Subject: [Leica] Re:a visit from "Mr. Leica." Now, are we killed?
From: MCyclWritr at (
Date: Fri May 7 16:25:36 2004

In a message dated 5/7/2004, Rich of photovilla writes:

>>I was told by Mr. Cohn that on this particular team the oldest member is 
37 years old. These designers work closely with some of Leica's chosen 
partners to try to work through problems and preserve a certain "Leica 
Zeitgeist" (that is more than just specs. and tangibles) in some new 
products that might not easily lend themselves to such.<<

First, thanks for the report, Rich. 

Now, as far as youngish camera designers are concerned, it's most likely a 
step in the right direction if their collective attitude is not the German 
equivalent of "That ain't the way my pappy did 'er and I ain't a-doin' it that way 

Put a provisional check mark in the Progress column. 

However, I do truly hope I am misinterpreting the "Leica Zeitgeist" comment. 
I do truly hope they are not actually trying to create, foment, gestate, 
instill, force-feed or piddledate some ethereal Zeitgeist in or into a digital M 
body. After all, one man's Zeitgeist is another man's historical, and 
irrelevant, artifact. In camera design, I'm betting it's suicide by committee.

Mr. Leica, I want a digital body for my M lenses. I don't give a good goddamn 
how Leicaish it is. I don't care if it looks like an M3 (all bow down and 
chant "praise be") of if it's as butt ugly as the new crop of 8-megapixel, 
fixed-zoom lens digicams from Canon, Nikon and Olympus. All lumpy and swollen out of 
shape and in need of some type of ectomy. I don't care. Make it that ugly. 
Make it worse, if you have to. Just set to the task of making the damn thing and 
getting it on the market.

Zeitgeist is the "spirit of the age." If the "Leica Zeitgeist" is the spirit 
of this, the digital age, then all is cool. Make me say, "Sorry, Mr. Leica, I 

-Chris Lawson

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