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Subject: [Leica] Ten years behind? I think not.
From: bdcolen at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Wed May 5 10:17:45 2004

BUT...And I am NOT looking for a fight with the R modern SLR
standards, those same R8s with what you say is great metering and that
great Leica glass, are definitely at least a decade behind the curve in
terms of features. R8 aficionados may not want those features, but they
are a given in the rest of the photo world, and that - and pricing -
severely limits the R market.

BTW - to what Nikon are you comparing the R8's metering?

B. D.

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Subject: [Leica] Ten years behind? I think not.

Hi Ted:

 >>> Leica were ten years behind all other SLR manufactures and to date 
haven't caught up <<<

Together with Leica-R lenses, both of my R8s, (with the best metering 
this side of Rollei 6008) are ten years ahead of the rest in terms of 
the quality photographs they produce.  My Nikons have been gathering 
dust for four years.


Ted Grant wrote:

> B. D. said:
>>>>>The bottom line is that most PEOPLE don't know that Leica ever 
>>or exists. Since at least the 1970s Leica has been a boutique brand in

>>a WalMart world.....<<<
> Hi B. D.,
> I don't think you could say it any plainer! And it's been going down 
> hill ever since, quite possibly to oblivion as we know it today.
> Yep at one time in the photo world "it was THE camera!" Period, no 
> question. Unfortunately the company did not evolve with an evolving 
> world and is now struggling to save the life boats, let alone the ship

> that sank some years ago.
> If you do not evolve with world changes, time and cameras do not stand

> still for no man nor woman! No matter how good, excellent or wonderful

> the product is, the world demands drive the wheels that allow it 
> survive.
> Leica were ten years behind all other SLR manufactures and to date 
> haven't caught up, let alone in the digital manufacturing of a digital

> camera. Yep the digi back is coming? So are twelve blue moons in the 
> southern sky! If it works as they claim that's great, yes some folks 
> will buy it, but at what cost? It isn't like buying an amazing piece 
> of Leica created glass.
> Their constant wail about a digital "M" style camera being impossible 
> was all of a sudden turned around as soon as another manufacturer came

> up with a similar machine. Where they were ten years behind in SLR 
> production it would appear they're worse off in the digital world. 
> Unfortunately.
> However, I feel there'll always be those of us who'll use film even 
> along with digital. And our choice for film camera will always be a 
> Leica. Certainly mine will be...... no matter what kind of digital I 
> have in the other hand!
> ted

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