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Subject: [Leica] "Normal" lenses
From: dorysrus at (Don Dory)
Date: Sun May 2 18:55:45 2004

The 35 Summicron has a curvature of field problem (instead of focusing
on a plane, the lens focuses in a curved field).  Shooting people, this
actually helps as it tends to isolate the subject.  In landscape work,
the flatter field is better.

Usually, by stopping down to F8-11 even a severly afflicted lens has
enough DOF to render field curvature problems moot.


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The curved field means no landscape shooting ??? did not get this part
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Subject: [Leica] "Normal" lenses

> All - 
> The recent resurgence of discussions 'bout 50's brings the following
> mind:
> For a long time my 35 4th gen. 'cron was my everyday walking around
> lens.  Something about 35mm lenses that doesn't get discussed much is
> the fact that if you like to guesstimate field sizes without raising
> camera to eye a 35 field is particularly good, because however far you
> are from the subject, that's how wide the horizontal is.  (After
> juggling around arc-tan and realizing how hazy most of my high school
> trig is, and finally calculating the not-so-obvious 53 degrees as the
> above-mentioned field of view I realized that it's all actually more
> obvious than I thought. Which means that I was just oblivious, or
> something...)
> However, I was cropping those 35 shots a few times too many, and
> to try some 50's.  Ended up with a collapsible 'cron for everyday use
> 9love it for its size)and a new-style Summilux for when I need
> eyes to sparkle in the candle light.
> The sliding hood drives me nuts, so a nice metal job is always
> out of the front.  The 70 cm close limit and fast rack are really big
> for me.  The curved field means no landscape shooting.  Haven't shot
> color with either one...
> Bob Palmieri
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