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Subject: [Leica] If You Really Want Your Pictures to Last...
From: bdcolen at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Sun May 2 11:56:34 2004

It's a good idea if you want to preserve three images a year, or if
you're a photo agency and have the time and man power to do this kind of
thing...but for the rest of us...

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| > nothing will last forever even if properly stored. and most things
will deteriorate because they won't be properly stored. and the
technology for accessing "whatever" will become harder and harder to
save and migrate - especially if you haven't kept up with the migration
in a steady way.
| This is all true.
| But with paper/film/papyrus/parchment, the medium *is* the image. A
copy reduces the quality.
| With digital, the medium *stores* the image. A copy does not reduce
the quality.
| Bits are forever, because a 0 will always be a 0 and a 1 will always
be a 1.
| Sure, the disk on which you are storing the bits might need to be
changed out. But a faded 1 will never be a 0.83 or 0.61, it will be a 1.
| I think that if I wanted to preserve an image for a thousand years, I
would digitize it into an uncompressed TIFF file at 16 bits/pixel, add
20% Huffman-code redundancy, image the digitization into a sort of
fine-grained barcode, and then print the barcode out on museum-grade
doubleweight glossy photo paper, developed and fixed according to
best-practice archival standards, then seal that paper into an airtight
metal box.
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Now thats a good idea.
Have you seen any news in the USA lately about the mechanical nanoscaled
cantilever memory projects? Like IBM is running and Phillips? best
regards simon jessurun

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