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Subject: [Leica] Confession time! THE LUG FAMILY.
From: bdcolen at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Wed Apr 14 08:32:17 2004

Let me second everything here, including and especially the thanks to
Brian for making this possible, and add that I have long viewed the LUG
as a cyberspace country store, where people gather to warm their hands
around the stove, trade tall-tales and advice, touch base with friends,
and perhaps even pick up a needed item (or bit of knowledge in the case
of the LUG). Yes, Leica ownership is what has drawn us all to this
particular store, but once in the door and leaning back in the rickety
chairs, that doesn't seem quite so important.

What I am constantly amazed by his how a list such as this draws
together people from all over the world, with common interests, who
would otherwise be utterly unaware of each other's existence. As I've
said before, several of the people who I now count among my small circle
of really close friends are people who I not only met on the LUG, but
who just happen to live within 5-10 miles of my home, people with whom I
have an enormous amount in common - beyond owning Leica Ms that are
gathering dust - and whom I would not know were it not for this on-line

I also never cease to be amazed that the 'media' has not done more
reporting on the phenomenon of groups like the LUG, and the power of the
internet to create communities of people all over the globe; well,
communities of people whose common interest is something other than
pornography. :-)

B. D.

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Tina said:
> > but the LUG is family.<<

Brian Reid responed as the father of the LUG.;-)
> Tina, you just made my day. This has been my goal for the LUG since 
> the
beginning, but I've never said so.<<<

To Brian and the Family,
I'd be re-miss not to comment on the... "LUG Family!"

After all the years I've tagged along on the LUG through thick and thin,
verbal battles, shed tears at the loss of or illness of a member, even
their famlies. A pet! You name it we've either grieved or cheered with a
member who's only a name on the screen.

But what a powerful screen of friends! And as the young folks say
............. "LIKE WOW!!!!!" Then take that one step further and make
them warm hand shake face to face friends, it beats all get out what
wonderful folks these LUG people are and can be.

Stolen, dropped and smashed gear or newly found Summilux, you name it
and we've all suffered or cheered the LUG family member whomever it is.

Yep we've had name calling sessions and screaming, stomping off and
returning. But then, what family doesn't have a "black sheep or moron"
somewhere in the attic. ;-)

Many a family member has left the fold and now missed dearly for their
words of wisdom and experience, humour or, sharp word attack on some
unsuspecting neophyte! OUCH! Been there and felt it! ;-) Quite frankly a
better person and photographer for it!

But what the heck man, this is the LUG Family and for those who think
it's a rabble of screen chatter, just hang around for a half dozen
years. You'll be amazed how much you'll learn about life in general and
the stupidity of man kind.

Oh, I nearly forgot.:-)

So much about photography and photographers you'll have a tough time
absorbing it all.:-) But you will have a great time and all owed to the
gentle Ben of the screen, Brian Reid who conceieved and made it happen.

Brian mon ami, thank you.


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