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Subject: [Leica] Confession time!
From: bdcolen at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Thu Apr 8 08:50:52 2004

First off, Phong, what lab? If you drop the film at most labs there will
invariably be some scratches, and there will be dust to deal with
afterwards. Additionally, there will be color correction issues with

Digital wedding shooting is a gift from the photo gods.

Give me a call if you want to talk about it.

B. D.

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Jim Hemenway wrote:
> If I get desperate for $$$ and need to do weddings
> again, I'll buy a new digital.  Without one, every 
> wedding is 40-60 hours of work.

Hi Jim,

Are you saying shooting wedding with film is
more work than with digital ? Can you elaborate ?  

It seems to me that if you shoot negative film, you can
pretty much leave drop the film at the lab and pretty
much leave all the post-processing proof work to them.
Or do you all _all_ processing yourself ?

With digital, you need to do the color correction,
tonal adjustment, etc., etc. perhaps some sharpening 
before you can give to a lab to print.  Maybe one day
of post-processing preparation, or two days if you
shoot a lot.

I am shooting a few weddings for real money this year,
and could either use digital or film (35mm or 6x7,
the latter mostly for formals).  I leave the choice
to the clients, with identical pricing for digital
vs. 35mm film, with a slight premium for the 6x7.
Interestingly enough all other weddings I booked so 
far this year (4) all chose films.  That may change,
as I am introducing a new low-priced digital package:
I take the money, shoot, give client copy of CD and 
say bye-bye.  2 to 4 weeks later, I send them a gift
of a well processed, matted 8x10, so that they can
realize the minium that could be done the jpg I gave

Anyway, what are you and I doing differently that
it takes you 40-60 hours of work with film ?


- Phong

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