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Subject: [Leica] PAW
From: bdcolen at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Mon Mar 29 12:59:02 2004

An excellent explanation for making a very reasonable request - actually, while I don't give sensor size, I usually do give the 'real' focal length and then the 35 equivalent. :-)

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B. D. Colen3/29/04

>speaking of equivalent focal lengths does make
>some sense for the simply reason that it gives people a point of reference. I 

Absolutely. I'm all for speaking of "equivalent" focal lengths, it helps to get some idea of the sensor size, etc. 

I just don't want to speak "only" in the language of "equivalents." I want to learn and understand these various cameras and systems - from the lowliest to the loftiest. So for you to say, "this photo - using the 11 - 22mm, 2.8 on the xcam n6 (35 equiv 21 - 42mm)." - gives me more significant informtion to then evaluate the depth of field, sensor size, lens speed, et al. I'm not trying to be retro with this request, it just seems weird that we're not addressing real optical specs on a list where many seem to worship the optical/technical/historical. And while the list began as 35mm based, I have the feeling that we've all played with a lot more than just 35 film.

Bottom line: I'd simply appreciate knowing the actual system specs whenever possible. Thanks,

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