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Subject: [Leica] More RD-1 news
From: bdcolen at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Sat Mar 27 10:00:02 2004

HayZeusHKeeeerist! Everybody moans, groans and prattles on and on and on
and on about how they'd kill to have a digital M - assuming that they
acknowledge the existence of digital. Finally, Leica awakens from its
endless sleep and claims that it is developing - a digital M. And not
only a digital M, a digital M with a 10-11 megp full-frame sensor. Now
whether we will ever see this camera, and whether it will cost less than
the new Medicare prescription drug bill, is another story entirely. But
taking the gnomes of Solms at face value, they are doing what everyone -
myself included - desperately hoped they would. So what's the

Why won't they make a monochrome full-frame, 11mgp M!!!!!!!!!!!!

First off, one of the glories of digital is that every single shot is
both color and monochrome. ;-) Second off, it should be possible to have
the monochrome option in the firmware. If they develop the write
algorithms, having the b&w, bw-green, bw-red, bw-yellow  built into the
camera could be wonderful. Carry around a pile of filters? Why?

B. D.
Wandering off muttering, shaking head in utter amazement.:-)

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On Friday, March 26, 2004 Dan C thoughtfully wrote:

>Apparently only 10,000 will be made, period, and half are expected to 
>be sold in Japan.  And the price...are you sitting down?...$3500 USD.

Looking through the specs I notice that there is no manual setting for
white balance. 

And there's this strange set of B&W modes that simulate various color
filters. What's the deal with this? You can fork over $3k for a camera
and not buy Photoshop? I'd rather clap a real filter on the lens. OR
have a version of the camera that's JUST monochrome and then I can use
those real filters with a substantial gain in resolution. Sigh, probably
no one is making a monochrome sensor.

If Leica does make a digital M then I'd desperately hope that they make
a no-holds-barred all out monochrome version. I never put color film in
either of my M's and I'd pay extra to get a full-frame monochrome sensor
that ran from 100 to 1600 with an optional 3200 setting that's noisier
but will let me post-process on my computer. Why? Because the M and it's
wonderful lenses are made for available dark shooting. It's the joy of
owning a range finder camera. Couple that with the pleasures of digital
shooting with a histogram available so I can really get a handle on
exposure and you have an amazingly powerful tool for black and white

If there is any company that could make and market a monochrome camera
it's Leica.

Adam Bridge

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