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Subject: [Leica] More RD-1 news
From: richard-lists at (Richard F. Man)
Date: Fri Mar 26 13:05:35 2004
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Hi Jerry, first of all, this is the 3rd price I have read, first it's 
$2700, then under $2K, and now $3500, who knows what it would be eh?

Second, prior to making Voigtlander cameras and lens, which while 
relatively inexpensive compared to Leica gears, the VC branded stuff is 
much more expensive (and higher quality) than the Cosina made cameras and 
lens. I bet people said the same thing then - how can a OEM camera/lens 
manufacturer like Cosina come out with boutique RF cameras and lens and be 

At 09:56 AM 3/26/2004 -0800, you wrote:
>OK, now please explain the voodoo economics of a mass market
>company selling a limited production product.  Wouldn't it be like
>MacDonalds trying to sell a few thousand $30 Beef Wellingtons?

// richard (This email is for mailing lists. To reach me directly, please 

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