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Subject: [Leica] A few thoughts about recent subject matter
From: "Keith V Johnson" <>
Date: Tue, 9 Mar 2004 22:04:24 -0500

Hi, I haven't posted here in a looooong time, but I do read the digest
regularly. Recently I've made a heartfelt decision to stop shooting
digital for my personal work. I'm readjusting to this decision by
repurchasing film development gear and pondering a purchase of a new 90
for my M Cameras. I've been shooting a Nikon D1x nearly every day for
the last 2 years or so. I just sold it and picked up an MP to complement
my M6. Best decision I've made in almost a decade I think. Anyhooo... 
  About Microsoft Front Page, if your pix keep running off the screen on
you, or on a screen not attached to the machine you built the web on,
welcome to the club. Try using tables to frame and hold the pix in
place. Takes some extra work, but I've been successful with this.  Don't
forget to optimize the web, before you start to build it, for both IE
and Netscape. Don't forget, mac users will usually get a different view,
and netscape on mac can not id the color of the table border correctly.
You can check the page source and see that the html code for the table
will read as black, but show as white. Oh yeah, FP seems to compress
image files or something, and occasionally image quality suffers. I have
one shot on my web that has to come down because of that. 
   Now about film...and xtol. Just processed my first roll of film in
over two years. I've decided on trix and xtol at 1:1/68*. I think I need
more time than the 10 minutes I gave it. Not much, maybe 12min :0). But
here's the thing... I find a magenta cast in the unexposed frames.. Much
like tmax had. Something I never encountered before in Trix. I'm going
to bump my fix time up and double my wash time too maybe run the wash a
bit warmer, say 72*. I know Kodak moved their plant and the emulsion was
changed, But I've not read about the magenta in the base. Mostly I want
to get rid of it because I just don't think it belongs there. I'm
certain it adds some contrast that I would rather be getting from  EI/CI
choice via process times and agitation cycles. Also, since I scan B&W in
RGB I want the base to be neutral.  
  Any feedback??? 
	Yes I use USA film only. I had a several rolls  of grey market
plusx 120 ruin a job about 5 years ago. Totally unprintable negs. Looked
like the film was run thru high dose xrays repeatedly. I know it was the
film, I processed it myself. Never again will I buy grey. I felt obliged
to share that with ya'll. 

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