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Subject: Re: RE:[Leica] Leica R lens question
From: Ted Grant <>
Date: Wed, 04 Feb 2004 08:31:38 -0800
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Félix López de Maturana asked:
> > What lenses in the R series have a signature look?
> >> Am I absolutely wrong or saying a lens has a "signature" is similar to
> saying a High End Sound system has a "special" sound? I love transparency
> the sound something like "just if you were there" not a "colour" of the
> sound. So in the imaging area I'd like the camera did not add nothing to
> reality. Am I a dreamer?<<<<

Felix mon ami,
I don't think it makes any difference whether a lens has a special signature
or not because it's the air gasping effect of picture content impact that is
most important. Well OK for photojournalists like myself the most important
thing of any lens is.... "how fast, how sharp wide open? And how quickly can
I handle it in a moment of extreme pressure?"  And capture memorable

Signature, bokeh and some of the other twiddly items that come to surface
every once in awhile are meaningless if the content is a piece of crap to
start off with. No matter if it has the "most beautiful bokeh" in the world
it doesn't make a great and memorable photograph if the subject is lying
there like water on a plate.

I'd be far more concerned about capturing wonderful moments of life than
whether there's twinkie bokeh or flat ass bokeh.

Now maybe the rock and fern and peeling paint folks think other wise. ;-) So
be it.


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