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Subject: [Leica] Re: Leica Users digest V25 #356
From: François Berton <>
Date: Sun, 02 Nov 2003 09:46:25 +0100

A Paris, le 2/11/03 3:27

> Hello Luggers,
> We've just returned from Solms. We were fortunate enough to visit the
> Leica factory, and were given "the red carpet treatment" while we were
> there. The Germans are so gracious!
> As we were concluding our tour, one of the engineers came up to us like
> a kid with a a great secret. Our guide interpreted for us..."Would you
> like to see a prototype of the new CM?" Of course we would! And there we
> stood, holding this absolutely beautiful, solid little picture making
> machine. It feels like the real thing, weighty, but not heavy, pretty,
> but elegant, too. Ergonomic, yes. A little retro, yes. Small, yet
> serious. Would we own one? Yes! We tried to buy the prototype! Fabulous.
> We loved it instantly. The concensus in our group was that the camera is
> a great addition to the Leica line-up.
> BTW The factory is definitely worth a visit, as is Wetzlar. I have some
> Digilux photos I took of Wetzlar, but don't know how to show them to the
> LUG. Anyone interested enough to inform me?
> Also, I think one of the great single malt companies, in the spirit (no
> pun intended) of Leica special editions, should make a special edition
> of scotch, called LUGavulin.
> - -Liz

j'ai admiré deux choses; cette phrase :
It feels like the real thing, weighty, but not heavy, pretty,
> but elegant, too

aussi elegante qu'un leica

et l'idee du LUGavulin

amities francaises

- -- François

01 42 78 38 86

- --
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