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Subject: Re: [Leica] Is digital photography necrophilia?
From: Frank Dernie <>
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2003 07:53:09 +0100

I like the digital discussions. If I had gone only on what I read on 
the LUG I would never have tried a digital. Comparing a P&S digital to 
any film based camera is a bit unfair - most, if not all,  of the 
sensors are smaller than a minox negative and remember how snooty some 
people were about APS negative size! I was impressed by the quality of 
the digital P&S we used at work but not the shutter lag, though this is 
similar for film P&S as well. I have bought a Canon digital SLR (and a 
Novoflex adaptor so I can use some of my Leica R lenses on it). IME 
digital beats film in every way, except, perhaps, ultimate resolution 
available if one mounts ones camera  on a tripod.
I MUCH prefer my M over a reflex  to use and would have liked to be 
able to have a digital "back door" for it (as, some may remember, I 
proposed several years ago) but recent info from Leica implies this 
would not be possible - even though I have seen somebody proposing the 
same on a web site recently even with a graphic mockup. The Olympus 
marketing hype about keeping rays perpendicular to the sensor is 
obviously technically unsound(if all the rays were perpendicular to the 
sensor the image would not be in focus on it obviously) Canon have 
started a line of lenses for digital with the rear element further into 
the camera than the film lenses (this being possible due to the shorter 
mirror) so maybe M lenses will be OK on later generations of sensors. 
It is in these areas, rather than more pixels, where digital sensor 
research will be most useful)
  Still I will buy the R digital back as long as it lives up to 
expectations. I only use film for medium format now.

>> Rolfe Tessem wrote in part:
>>> 2. I'm getting really, really tired of all the digital crap clogging
>>> up a Leica list. There are plenty of venues for these discussions and
>>> this isn't one of them. It almost makes me pine for Alfie Wang.
>> You're not alone! Is there not a digital photographers website out 
>> there
>> somewhere?
>> Regards,
>> Greg
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