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Subject: Re: [Leica] Kodak Focus on Digital
From: Mark Delk <>
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 15:02:33 -0400

A couple of years ago there was a company ? SiliconFilm ? that was 
trying to develop a digital film cartridge that would replace the real 
film cartridge. The idea was that the sensor would line up in the same 
place as the light hits the normal film and would be saved to memory 
inside the cartridge like part. There was no LCD or other normal 
digital type controls.
If I remember right it would fit inside a normal Nikon F4 and required 
no alterations in the camera. In fact you could shoot a roll of film, 
take it out , drop in the digital cartridge , shoot digital , take it 
out and drop in film , repeat as needed.
Something along this line is what I want for the Leica M series. Being 
able to shoot both digital and film in the same camera would be 
I have a Fuji S2 digital for shooting wildlife, and I never use the LCD 
to review my pics. And while shooting I rarely change camera setting 
except for Speed and f-stop.


> In a message dated 9/25/03 3:29:36 AM, writes:
> -------------------------------------------------------------------
> Most likely, Kodak will maintain their R&D in film under a different 
> account
> classification. Future film stocks might carry digital processing and 
> other
> information and dry processing could make a revolutionary appearance. 
> As Kodak
> engineers said in a newsclip a read a few years ago: Only 20% of film's
> potential has been exploited. You couldn't say that about the horse or 
> the telegraph
> or the steam engine.
> bob rosen

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