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Subject: [Leica] Nathan's PAW 37 and 38: Life around here
From: Nathan Wajsman <>
Date: Sat, 20 Sep 2003 16:22:30 +0200

After the excitement of Seville, we return to my new home in the
Netherlands. In week 37 I hosted a family reunion of sorts, as my uncles

from France and the US, my aunt from Israel, and my father from Denmark
all came to visit. The only day I was able to take off work completely
was Wednesday, and so I took them on a nice walk around Utrecht and
Amsterdam; unfortunately that was the one day last week that it rained.
We still carried out our plans, just with adjusted clothing:

A street scene from Utrecht: Dutch bicycles are often fully loaded!

Here is my French uncle in his element--looking at fresh food at our
outdoor market:

The final alternate is a close-up of some fish heads in our market:

My week 38 (this week) pictures are just some snapshots from around my
home. We always have a lot of morning fog and spider webs all over the
place. I took this picture while walking my dog:

When my cat does not come inside when I call in the evening before going

to bed, I leave my car window open so that he can sleep in the car. A
proper cat door will be installed at some point, but in the meantime
this arrangement works fine:

The second alternate is my daughter Monica giving a little friend a ride

on her bicycle. I know that the composition leaves something to be
desired, but I am happy to have caught the little girl's expression

The final alternate is from Schiphol, Amsterdam's airport, where I spend

a lot of time these days. I find the juxtaposition amusing. The "glow"
you see is the effect of Agfa Scala and cranked-up scanning brightness,
the same problem Simon talked about recently. I still like the shot.

All pictures taken with Leica M6 on Agfa Scala, with the 50mm Summilux
or 35mm Voigtlander Color Skopar, as indicated in the tech details
underneath the thumbnails.

The complete PAW index is at:
and comments/critique are always welcome.


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Nathan Wajsman
Almere, The Netherlands

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