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Subject: Re. [Leica] I've quit the Lika Leica club - GeeBee
From: Peter Klein <>
Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2003 15:58:20 -0700 (PDT)

Graham left?  What a loss!

Leica simply isn't a major digital player. Their high-end digicam is
controversial. Many people who shoot Leica will choose another brand for
their digital camera.  Are we going to run them off the list?

Graham uses a Leica M and a Leica-lensed Panasonic LC5.  He also has an
Olympus OM SLR.  So somebody got into a snit over an occasional OM shot?

The recent spat about off-topic equipment was and is pointless and
wasteful.  That it caused the exit of one of our best posters makes it
even more so.  I almost would like to see a ruling from Brian on the
off-topic camera issue (with all due deference to the Law of Unintended

My own feeling, as I've said before, is that if you're a Leica shooter and
have Leica ways in your bones, I want to see *all* the photography you
care to post.  I want to see Leica pictures, yes, but I don't care what
else you shoot with.  Bring 'em on. It's fun to compare.

Perhaps the following story will speak to the issue, albeit loosely. Years
ago, I lived in Louisville, KY.  I was friendly with a wonderful old
gentleman named Harper Fowley, who was one of the founders of American
MENSA. The one requirement for MENSA membership is a score in the top two
percent of any generally recognized IQ test. As most of you know, there
has been much controversy over the validity of IQ tests,

When asked about the test controversy, Harper said something like, "The
way I look at it is that the tests usually let in the kind of people I
like to be around."

Substitute a Leica camera or lens for the IQ test in Harper's reasoning,
and you have one big reason why I hang out on the LUG.

- --Peter

(P.S.  You'll note that I did not say if I am a member of the organization
mentioned above.  That is deliberate, and the answer is off-topic)  :-)

- --
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