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Subject: Re: [Leica] I've quit the Lika Leica club
From: Peter Klein <>
Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2003 15:23:12 -0700 (PDT)

Alastair Firkin <> wrote:

> Thank you for posting such a thoughtful commentary. I find there is
> quite enough to worry about with photography not to have to relearn or
> review so many little details: too much sharpening, aggressive
> firmware, noisy chips. It makes simple film/grain/lens choices so much
> easier.

Thanks, Alastair. And my condolences on the passing of Yoda.  I recently
had to think hard about our four-legged friends' mortality when my dog,
Harpo came down with diabetes.  Thank goodness, it's under control after
several months of adjusting insulin dosages.  But the possibility that it
might not be controllable weighed very heavily on us.

> Someone said that digital imaging would become a hobby of its own, and
> this seems to be true.

You said it, brother!  Digital techniques seem like nested Chinese boxes,
or Russian matrioshka dolls--every time you get one open, there's another
one inside to learn.  With the Digilux 1 and Lumix, you also have the
camera's personality to deal with--more than with other digicams.  Check
out the digital forum at  It's full of postings about
settings and Photoshop kludges to compensate for some of the image quality

But, we ignore digital at our peril. It's here, it's affecting photography
both in terms of technique and content.  Ideally, digital can become
another means to the end of making good images.  Sometimes digital is so
flexible and convenient that it only makes sense to use it.  Sometimes
film is just plain better.  Sometimes either will do nicely.  And often,
with digital we will take an image when with film, we might not make the

- --Peter Klein
Seattle, WA

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