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Subject: [Leica] used leica (was A new M lens)
From: Rei Shinozuka <>
Date: Sun, 7 Sep 2003 12:29:04 -0400
References: <000101c374cc$fbf71410$0200a8c0@jim> <>

yesterday i dropped in bergen county camera (
and i saw they had something like 9 M's (mostly M6's, there was
an M3 and an M2, and an M6J and M6 classic titanium an 
M6 classic 0.85 in the box in mint condition, and two m7's.  
i had never seen so many used M bodies there.  The cheapest m6 was about 
$1,100 and looked (though the glass case) to be in nice shape.

- -rei

On Sat, Sep 06, 2003 at 06:46:14PM -0700, Jerry Lehrer wrote:
> Jim
> The local Leica dealers have lots of M6's from people who
> want M7's and/ or MP's.  I wish they had a chrome M6, but
> they are all black.  The LA dealers have chrome ones, but I
> won't drive up to see them.
> Jerry
> Jim Shulman wrote:
> > Ted, I'm with you.  The new stuff is in the stratosphere, while barely
> > used equipment takes a much bigger price hit today.
> >
> > Has anyone taken a look lately at the decline in used Leica prices?
> > Last year you'd be luck to find a really gorgeous M3 body CLAd for less
> > than a grand.  This week I've not only heard of one (WITH a MR meter),
> > but also an M4 in similar shape with MR-4 meter for the same sub-$1000
> > price.  The same is true for lenses.  I know of a dealer who's
> > upside-down on a number of items: a Summarex in lovely shape that, a
> > year or so ago would have fetched $1500-1700 on THAT WEBSITE now could
> > barely make a grand, if he were really lucky.  You also see near-perfect
> > M7s at $1600-1700 going up against brand new ones for close to $2600.
> > It's hard to sell new equipment as an investment in lifetime enjoyment
> > when customers see price drops that steep.
> >
> > As recently as last year you could invest in good condition, clean used
> > Leica stuff and more or less get your money back when you decided to
> > sell.  That ain't the case today--and with more than 50% of the new
> > equipment market in the US going for digital in 2003, I doubt it's going
> > to get much better for Leica equipment.
> >
> > Jim Shulman
> > Bryn Mawr, PA

- -- 
Rei Shinozuka
Ridgewood, New Jersey

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