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Subject: Re: [Leica] Leica: A new M lens?
From: Jerry Lehrer <>
Date: Sun, 07 Sep 2003 07:40:04 -0700
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Another pure voice of reason, from someone we can respect.


Ted Grant wrote:

> Adam Bridge did sayeth:
> > Sure I'd LIKE to play with something wider but the prices are just WAY
> > too high.<<<
> Hi Adam,
> It's virtually blasphemy for me to write the following.
> However, if the elves in the Black Forest aren't bright enough to understand
> they are getting their collective asses kicked around the block by V-Cosina
> with the lenses being produced by this company, then who am I or you not to
> take advantage of the V-C  35's, 21 and 15 at prices many Leica users, " can
> afford!"
> Not to forget these lenses are extremely sharp, crisp and have an excellent
> Leica look to them. I realize it maybe a surprise to some to hear me, who's
> been a Leica user of many types of models for an extremely long time, to be
> promoting the lenses of another manufacturer, but I'm sorry it's life and
> economics! Because we, the users, are finding it extremely difficult to
> consistently use "only Leica glass"
> Certainly when we are confronted by economically priced glass of excellent
> quality and variations not produced by Leica. And if they were produced by
> Leica at their present method of pricing, we'd not likely purchase due to
> the horrendous prices.
> I'd suggest if you're inclined to a wider piece of glass, 35mm or wider,
> look at the CV 35 f 1.2! It's a beauty or go at the 15 Heliar as it's as
> good as the Leica R 15mm, done tests with pros trying to decide which lens
> took which photograph in colour and they all failed! They consistently
> picked Heliar 15 for the Leica 15! Go figure. ;-)
> It's a strange kind of feeling the first time you're about to mount another
> manft. lens on an M camera, but one soon forgets it after they see the
> resulting photographs. ;-)
> Don't be shy, if you can't get that "pretty Leica lens" forget the expensive
> stuff and go buy a V-C lens of your choice. Trust me you'll feel much better
> when you start to see the results! ;-)
> ted
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