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Subject: Re: [Leica] Leica: A new M lens?
From: Ted Grant <>
Date: Sat, 06 Sep 2003 22:05:05 -0700
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Adam Bridge did sayeth:
> Sure I'd LIKE to play with something wider but the prices are just WAY
> too high.<<<

Hi Adam,
It's virtually blasphemy for me to write the following.

However, if the elves in the Black Forest aren't bright enough to understand
they are getting their collective asses kicked around the block by V-Cosina
with the lenses being produced by this company, then who am I or you not to
take advantage of the V-C  35's, 21 and 15 at prices many Leica users, " can

Not to forget these lenses are extremely sharp, crisp and have an excellent
Leica look to them. I realize it maybe a surprise to some to hear me, who's
been a Leica user of many types of models for an extremely long time, to be
promoting the lenses of another manufacturer, but I'm sorry it's life and
economics! Because we, the users, are finding it extremely difficult to
consistently use "only Leica glass"

Certainly when we are confronted by economically priced glass of excellent
quality and variations not produced by Leica. And if they were produced by
Leica at their present method of pricing, we'd not likely purchase due to
the horrendous prices.

I'd suggest if you're inclined to a wider piece of glass, 35mm or wider,
look at the CV 35 f 1.2! It's a beauty or go at the 15 Heliar as it's as
good as the Leica R 15mm, done tests with pros trying to decide which lens
took which photograph in colour and they all failed! They consistently
picked Heliar 15 for the Leica 15! Go figure. ;-)

It's a strange kind of feeling the first time you're about to mount another
manft. lens on an M camera, but one soon forgets it after they see the
resulting photographs. ;-)

Don't be shy, if you can't get that "pretty Leica lens" forget the expensive
stuff and go buy a V-C lens of your choice. Trust me you'll feel much better
when you start to see the results! ;-)

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