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Subject: Re: [Leica] Computer question
From: Jerry Lehrer <>
Date: Mon, 01 Sep 2003 21:23:52 -0700
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I thought you said something about saying no more, yet you natter
on, and on and on.....


Eric Welch wrote:

> Okay, I give up. So much FUD.
> Macs started it. Not Windows. They may not have been affordable -
> though they are competitive now for equal quality in terms of build,
> features and performance - except now at the high end where the dual
> 2GHz G5 blows the doors off the Dual Xeon 3.02 GHz Dell that cost
> $1,000 more, in Photoshop and a bunch of other professional and
> scientific applications. And as for UNIX, OS X costs way less than
> Windows XP Professional. And XP doesn't have nearly the features or
> development tools that come in OS X for free. Not to mention all the
> UNIX tools, Apache Server, a Mail Server, an FTP server, and lost of
> other network and productivity tools - and I'm not talking about the
> Server version which has GUI tools Unix admins can only dream of, and
> has unlimited client licenses for free unlike any version of Windows
> server!
> In the home, Macs are gaining in market share right now. They're back
> up to 10 percent or so. In businesses they're down to about 3 percent,
> but IT magazines are now saying "Take a look at Macs." When was the
> last time that happened?
> It's a new world. And the reason I bring this up is that Apple is a
> very viable platform for the home as well as for professionals.
> Especially for photographers. Color management is clearly superior
> again with the latest versions of OS X.  You can produce PDFs from the
> OS in any native application. Graphics performance is beyond reproach.
> And unless you a major gamer, there's no reason not to at least give it
> a fair look next time one is upgrading (or trying to recover from the
> virus/trojan horse of the week).
> I'm tired of Windows users using the same old arguments they
> legitimately used 10 years ago, which are no longer true, and in fact
> are quite the opposite of reality.
> Okay, I've had my say, now I'll shut up. :-P
> On Monday, September 1, 2003, at 10:05  AM, Phong wrote:
> > Don't mean to get into the Mac vs Windows religious war, but
> > technical merits aside, Windows (and Microsoft) achieves the one
> > thing that Unix, Mac, and a whole slew of others couldn't.  And
> > that is making it affordable and popular, thereby making it
> > eminently more useful.
> Eric
> Carlsbad, CA
> Associate not with evil men, lest you increase their number. - Frank
> Herbert
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