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Subject: RE: [Leica] RE: Re: No digital comments?
From: "Phong" <>
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2003 17:28:29 -0400

> Brian hasn't said a thing.

Doesn't mean he approves or disapproves.
If there is a God, I'd like him to be like Brian.
Create the world, then leave it alone.  Once in a
while, make an appearance so that people, especially
some clergy folks, know that there is a God. :-)

All kidding aside, the success of the LUG lies not 
in Leica, but in Brian's non-intervention
which lets a hundred flowers bloom, to 
borrow a recent Chinese Communist phrase.
There are other Leica lists, and I find them stale.

It's Leica that brought us to the LUG, but 
it's our other interests that bring us together.

- - Phong


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> Subject: RE: [Leica] RE: Re: No digital comments?
> David - I use and enjoy Leica Ms; three M6s, two Abrahamson winders,
> four Leica lenses and one Cosina lens. They are part of my photo tool
> kit.
> But I own them not because they are Leicas, but because they are the
> best rangefinder cameras I could find, and they fit my shooting style.
> My interest in photography is an interest in - photography. I want to
> create outstanding images, and hope that once and a while I succeed. I
> want to share my images with people with an interest in - photography. I
> want to look at outstanding images, and care not with what they are
> shot, because I know enough about photography to understand what counts
> is the image, no the camera used to capture it. I also know enough about
> photography to know that I can improve my own images by studying the
> images of others, no matter what they were shot with.
> I chose to belong to this list because I share with people on this list
> the use of Leica cameras, and because I have a number of friends here. I
> am here because this is an interesting community.
> Frankly, if this becomes a Leica-only list - and it has not been such in
> the - what? four? - years I have been a member - I will have little
> interest in remaining. Because, frankly, if it becomes a Leicaverted
> list many of the best photographers, and many of the most interesting
> people, will be gone.
> So before you push to hard for brand cleansing here, consider that,
> given her post today, you will be pushing the likes of Tina Manley out
> the door.
> And by the way, while I am certainly aware of Brian's rules for the
> list, I note that most of this hankering to discuss and show nothing but
> Leica images comes from those who are Leica-come-latelies to the list -
> and Brian hasn't said a thing.
> B. D.

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