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Subject: [Leica] Re: opinions on M7 vs. MP
From: Mitch Alland <>
Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2003 08:44:47 +0700

> Head says M7....heart says (with a loud insistend beat) MP.

I looked at a black MP in a store: first, the retrograde rewind knob is 
absurd; second, the black lacquer looks pretty but its glossiness 
attracts much more attention to the camera than the black chrome of the 
M6 which defeats the purpose of the camera being black in the first 
place; also the lacquer shows fingerprints encouraging frequent 
cleaning with a cloth -- perfect for fondlers.

As for the M7, I would be attracted to only if it had shutter speeds 
faster than 1/1000th.

So, I'll stick with my two M6s although when I get to the States at the 
end of the month I'm having Sherry Krauter do a CLA on my Wetzlar M6 
purchased in 1988 because it has (occasionally) a light leak -- a 
problem that apparently Sherry has seen on many M6s. My Solms M6 does 
not have this problem. It amazes me that Leica should have been 
producing camera bodies that are subject to light leaks!

- --Mitch/Bangkok

- --
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