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Subject: Re: [Leica] M camera NOW R camera ?
From: "Red Dawn" <>
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2003 14:36:16 +0800
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From: "Ted Grant" <>
Subject: Re: [Leica] M camera NOW R camera ?

> Why do you conclude he's sold on autofocus because he said, "a fantastic
> camera, and very fast".....???? I bet he operates the camera on manual as
> many times as he does autofocus. As do many photojournalists who
> autofocus is merely a tool to use when it can be of major benefit under
> certain conditions.

actually i do believe he uses AF all the time, judging from the DVD on him
entitled War Photographer.

He does work with a handheld lightmeter and uses manual exposure modes
though. In the movie they have little micro cameras attached to his EOS 1n
that shows us wat he sees and u can see his fingers twiddling the dials on
the camera :)

> I think your comments are somewhat tongue in cheek? as in below:
> >>The work that he has done with his all singing all dancing Canon system
> puts to shame all of us (yes myself included) who have at one point or
> another looked at photographers using automated cameras with contempt

haha yes :)

> And as far as looking at my colleagues with contempt I don't think so,
> certainly the guys and gals who really know how to use their autofocus
> tools. I mean if you want to hear contempt smart ass comments you should
> around when it's a bunch of us working types and I'm the only guy loaded
> with Leica. Now that's when you hear cutting remarks from the auto
> everything crowd. Not the other way around. They of course don't really
> them simply because it's the old fart they're ribbing. :-)

u tell them, u have AE capability with those M7s! :P

boon hwee

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