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Subject: Re: [Leica] An Introduction, and a plea for wisdom
From: "Jack McLain" <>
Date: Sat, 19 Jul 2003 10:10:37 -0700
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From: "Ernest Nitka" <>

> Jack - many thanks for the intro - it sure hit home on many levels ( no
> tube amps, only 2 german lettered car here).  I think the thing I'd
> like to know are you
> - a 28-50-90 kinda guy or
> -a 21-35-90 kind?

After re-reading my post I thought I might have gone a bit over the top...
glad to hear it was on-target (at least for you).

I would say I am a 28-35-90 kinda guy.  I seldom use a 50. The view is just
so.. "normal" for my tastes.  I really like a 35 as my "normal" lens, and a
90 for it's ability to extract the element I am turned on by.  The 28 is a
true wide but not extreme and I can use it wothout too much perspective
distortion if I'm careful (I hate tilted buildings and elongated noses in my

> If you're mr. richey rich then get them all but i don't think you
> would've asked  this august group if you were Mr. Rich.

Rich? Not hardly.... I'm currently on a blinders-on pre-retirement spending
spree to accumulate all my toys so when the discretionary income dries up
I'm all systems go for a second life of leisure and creativity.  I planned
(or fantisized) retirement at 55... alas, I've recently hit 55 and the stock
market killed my 401k and now it looks like I need to wait to get a golden
parachute from my maybe-to-be-merged/bought out company, or hit the lottery
(or let my wife support me....hmmmm).

> You will receive hundreds of suggestions - this is just but one and not
> a particularly good one at that.

I look forward to hearing more suggestions, particularly about the gestalt
of the M4 vs M6 et al... thanks much for yours.

Tucson, AZ

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