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Subject: RE: [Leica] Leica IIIc - First RF? ... Now (and then): Loading a Leica scewmount
From: "Phong" <>
Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2003 22:21:27 -0400

I believe that this is historically the oldest topic on the LUG.
Brian Reid must be smiling smugly at this thread, as it was
in seeking an answer to how to load modern film into a screw
mount Leica that led him to create the LUG mailing list that
we now all use.

Just a bit of LUG historia.

- - Phong

Marc James Small wrote:
> At 11:16 PM 6/28/03 -0700, Martin Howard wrote:
> >
> >In the time it takes you to get out your pocket knife to trim the
> >leader for the IIIc, our Bessa owner has loaded his camera and taken
> >three shots.
> Martin
> It seems that you suffer from some coördination problems.  I generally cut
> my film in advance, but, if not, I can do so in about fifteen seconds or
> so.  No biggie.  And the rest of the loading process is fast, not as fast
> as with some other cameras, but not as slow as you indicate.
> Marc
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