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Subject: Re: [Leica] Film is Archival
From: "Jim Laurel" <>
Date: Sat, 21 Jun 2003 07:55:19 -0700
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I'm afraid I haven't been as lucky as you, Brian.  I still have alot of
information on 5.25" floppies, which is lost to me for all practical
purposes.  I could go out and find a drive and copy things over, but what a
hassle!  I also have many backup tapes created with Everex tape drives.
Today, they are totally unreadable without the original tape drive software.
Finally, I have many files that I created with SMART and ENABLE, two
programs that I used for general office productivity back in the 80s.
Again, totally unreadable unless I go and hunt down an old compatible
version of those software packages, and export my documents into some form
that a contemporary software program could import.  But it's just too much
trouble.  I've resigned myself to letting go of the information because I
can't devote enough time to becoming a digital archivist.  On the other
hand, I have all my college papers in a file, still readable by any human

- -Jim

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From: "Brian Reid" <>
To: <>
Sent: Friday, June 20, 2003 7:52 AM
Subject: Re: [Leica] Film is Archival

> Digital can be archival. It's just not automatic yet.
> I have digital archives that date back to 1967, which is when I first
started keeping digital information that mattered to me. It is now 36 years
later, and I still have all of it. Today my digital archives are about
100GB; I think that they didn't exceed 10MB until 1970.
> The "secret" is very simple. Make a copy onto two different media every 5
years. At least one of those media will still be around in 5 more years, and
you can repeat the process.
> Currently my digital archives live in 3 forms:
> IDE hard drives that are turned off and sealed
> DVD ROMs (33 ROMs hold everything)
> DDS3 DAT tapes (10 tapes hold everything)
> I also keep everything online on regular servers.
> At some point in the future some new storage technology will come along,
and I will copy my archives onto that. I suspect that if I die before a
truly archival technology comes along, my children will have no trouble
reading any of the archival media and continuing this tradition of copying
should that be what they want.
> I also have boxes and boxes of B&W photographic prints processed to be
archival. Those will outlast the cockroaches.
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