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Subject: Re: [Leica] Film is Archival
From: Ted Grant <>
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 21:05:13 -0700
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Ted Bayer said:
> I will continue to shoot film.  Digital just doesn't cut it for me

ted grant to Ted Bayer and crew. :-)

Ted B., like you I'm a film hold out although I continue to be blown away
completely by this wonderful digital technology, quite amazing really when
viewed from the perspective since my first published news picture time now
spans over a half century, 52 years to be exact, with two new books out over
the next 16 months. ;-)

My son who shoots nothing but digital sports now, >> <<
his web site....   has tried vainly to convince me to switch to all digital.
"Dad it's a piece of cake and the way you burn film you'll hardly need to
change roll after roll."

Nope! I started with film and I'm leaving with film! :-) I'm kidding of
course, as I have no intention of leaving as I'm having too much fun and
can't afford to die things are so damn good! :-) Not a bad working attitude
for an old fart in his 75th year! Love it! As I'm going to kick photographic
ass for another twenty five at least! Maybe then I'll think about digital
when they get it right. ;-)

And do you know what? It's all been done on film and being done on film! The
other thing that's no big deal for me, never has been, all this crap about
archiving of images like it was some Holy Grail thing, like "wow in the
future people are going to be clamoring to see what I did!" Bull shit, who's
really going to care?

Hell 100% of us wont be around long enough to be concerned about who, what
and where of what happens to our material anyway, so what's the big deal if
it lasts 100 or a 1000 years, we're not going to be here anyway.

Sure in my case there's a Ted Grant Collection within the National Archives
of Canada's National Photo Collection deep frozen for eternity. WOW! Now
that's a chilling thought isn't it. ;-) Yep it's a nice thought, but what
the heck guys & gals it's dust to dust and none of us will be around to hear
and see whether our photography makes one whit of a difference to mankind or
whatever is left of it.

So my advice is, forget all this digi / film survival stuff, just go out
with whatever you use, Leica, film, digi whatever, take pictures, record
your family life, friends and whatever without any thought of it lasting for
another ten generations. Just hope that maybe someone will care enough of
what you or I have done and keep it as safe as possible for our future off
spring to see what our world was like as we enjoyed it during our picture
taking lifetime.

Look, not likely any of us are ever going to receive the recognition of a
HCB, Capa, Karsh or others of that ilk, hell we'll be lucky if much of what
we shoot for fun survives. So why get wet knickers over all this digi and
film survival? To hell with it, you're a short time live and a long time
dead! So who cares, have lots of photo fun with your leica and maybe a few
will survive! :-)  Now doesn't that seem reasonable common sense? :-)

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