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Subject: Re: [Leica] Film is Archival
From: Dan C <>
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 11:18:34 -0400
References: <> <141c01c336f4$0c1c7ea0$31e47d80@KRIEGERLPT>

I think today's current E6 emulsions are far more "archival" than the
earlier films such as E4 etc.

dan c.

At 03:06 AM 19-06-03 -0400, A. Lal wrote:
>Well, not all film is archival- far from it, in fact.
>Back iin the 50's my father took many, many, pictures on colour slide
film, He used Agfacolour, Ektachrome, Kodachrome, Orwocolor,
>and a couple of other makes that not longer exist. These were carefully
stored in metal slide boxes and projected only occasionally.
>The camera was a Contax IIIa (its metal shutter was better suited to
tropical conditions that the Leica's), not that it matters.
>I am sure that members of this list will not be surprised to learn that
virtuallly alll have faded, except for the  Kodachromes. It
>is for this reason that I have never used any E-6 emulsions; the
short-term advantages are simply not worth the loss of images in
>the long term. List members singing the praises of Fuji or Kodak E-6
emulsions need to be aware of this fact.
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