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Subject: RE: [Leica] Film is Archival
From: Tim Atherton <>
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 18:10:54 -0600

> Ah, Steve, that black and white from 1908 - which is indeed important,
> to you and to others interested in various thing about that time, is
> faded? A black and white? ;-)

Anyone read the story of the Bettman Archive - all those wonderful historic
photographs bought up (to cries of alarm) by Bill Gates/Corbis?

All that nice old B&W white (and colour) stuff deteriorating so badly Gates
now has it locked away in a mine at sub zero temperatures. It's the only way
to save it - that, and slowly digitizing it.

Otherwise it would all be on it's way to being long gone - as are the
majority of photographs not kept in ideal (expensively ideal) conditions
(and then, of course, there are the biggest destroyers of archives - flood,
fire, theft and earthquake - or if you are in Iraq - conflict). Digital
versions can be kept at more than one site.

read the story, watch the video at the bottom

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