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Subject: Re: [Leica] Horseshoe bend
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2003 15:45:26 US/Eastern

I'm getting vertigo just reading this!

> Alastair Firkin <> said:
> > If you visit the Colorado River at Horseshoe bend, be prepared for a 
> > wide angle shot ;-)
> > hand held -- the tripods cannot get close enough to the edge
> Sure they can, Alastair. You just have to be brave!
> I have shot the same view with a 4x5, which must be mounted
> on a tripod. An 80mm is barely wide enough, and 72 or shorter
> would be better.
> Here is the tripod strategy I used:
> Gitzo 1227 tripod with Acratech ballhead. Extend one leg
> fully, and swivel to "flat" position. The other two legs
> are fully retracted, and in normal "upright" position.
> (ie. tripod is very low, with one leg stuck out really far.)
> Mount camera away from edge, and roughly position. Make sure
> all adjustments and clamps are firmly tightened.
> Move to edge. The two short legs go a couple of inches back
> from the edge. Long leg extends far back. Put heavy backpack
> on top of long leg! Camera sits precariously over void.
> On knees, approach camera. Adjust view by moving camera on
> ballhead. Tighten ballhead! Check focus with loupe. Close down
> lens. Set exposure (most dangerous part, as it involves leaning
> forward to read shutter markings). Insert film holder.
> Wait for @#%@* boats to clear out! Release shutter.
> Pick up the whole assembly, and move away from edge.
> See, it's not so bad!
> later,
> Mike
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