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Subject: [Leica] Old Canon Rapid Winder
From: tripspud <>
Date: Fri, 09 May 2003 19:25:50 -0700
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     I've just purchased a Canon Rapid Winder.  It's the copy of the
Leicavit for the screwmount Leicas.  I've never had or even used a
Leicavit or Rapid Winder.

      This is the model that fits the earlier Canon rangefinders that
are more or less exact copies of the Leica, before the Rapid Winder
was included as a permanent part of the Canon camera on some models.
Now, the modern Voitlanders also have a rapid bottom winder option,
so this style of shooting is, apparently far from unpopular.

     There's a picture of one on the eBay auction I won, it's eBay
Auction #2924527906 (completed).  I tried in a previous post
to this list to give the URL, but the message never appeared,
possibly because of the link, or some problem I had with the

      I'd rather have a new Leica MP with Leicavit!  I don't
even own a Canon (yet).  But I can use the additional body,
I'm using a Zorki I and a Leica D.  Since I can't afford an
MP or even a used Leicavit, the Caon Rapid Winder will
have to do.

      I know that Tom A. has promised a Rapidwinder for
the screwmount Leicas, but it has not appeared as  yet.  Since
these items (Canon Rapid Winder) are not seen that often,
I decided to grab it and get the Canon later.

     The Canon models with the built-in Rapid Winders are
excellent, I'm sure.  But I've just purchased 12 Leitz cassettes that,
I believe will not work on cameras that do not load from the
bottom.  These will fit my Leica D and Zorki I, and I would
guess my (future) Canon II, III or IV.  The key in the bottom
plate is used to open the Leitz cassettes within the camera.
There is no felt, as in modern cassettes.  When the key on
the bottom plate is turned to open the camera, it closes the
cassette to light.  Since the cassette remain open in the camera,
there is less chance of scratches and less resistance due to the
felt light-tight trap daylight cassettes.

      So, for those who use these winders, on Leicas or whatever,
how fast can they made to function?  No doubt, a major improvement
over the old screwmount wind or even the traditional M style winder
on the top.  I'm sure for pure speed an SLR would win out.  But
they take batteries, are large, noisy and take the decision of 'when'
away from the photographer, to some extent, when firing in a burst.
Plus, the SLR won't fit in a pocket.


Rich Lahrson
Berkeley, California

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