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Subject: Re: [Leica] favorite macro equipment?
From: Mark Rabiner <>
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2003 15:43:01 -0800
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The last time I did macro photography it was of mushrooms growing right
on my front yard in amazing clusters. Fairly small shrumes like smaller
than a quarter but in tight clusters a couple of feet across. This seems
to happen every year so I am getting good it the particular problem.

I put the long TTL flash cord on one of my Nikons and attached the other
side to my SB 24 flash… I held the flash high over the mushrooms as I
crouched down and shot them with my 105.28 macro glad it had a big fat
lens shade. Pretty much standard of the industry for such a task
although by now i expect Canon to have something at least as good so
maybe that's the standard of the industry. And I'd expect our famous 100
macro to be quite a bit better. Which is why I expect to be using it someday.

I shot this at dusk. The Nikon Syncs at 250th so that would not even
have been a problem.

I cropped in on them a few times quite close and I may have done the not
so smart thing as stopped all the way down to f32 to see if i could get
more than a razerblades width in focus. Out of focus pale mushrooms
don't do much for me. I shot a roll or so.

Then i went in the house and brought out my 135.3.4 apo and 90 apo Asph
Summicron and my black ttl m6 body. Loaded the camera up with another
roll of Delta 100. As i started composing similar pictures to what i'd
just done with the Nikon but this time with frame lines and split image
instead of ground glass.
I found to my surprise that 90 percent of my "macro" shots id done with
the 105 Nikon macro I'd done at magnifications repeatable with the Leica
M and it's two lenses. Which i believe are similar to most other lenses
except the wide's. The 75.1.4 goes a tad closer.

So was able to redo pretty much all the so call macro shots I'd down
tithe Nikon macro with my Leica m camera.
That was not even my intent as it would not have occurred to me that
would be so possible.
My intent was to just get some shots composed further back. With more
mushrooms in them. An overview or two.

The moral of the story as I saw it was the Leica M camera gets in there
tighter than you think. Don't underestimate it. It's operating darn
close to the "macro" range which is tough to shoot in anyway. I like a
flash. The shots never look like they were done with a flash. It goes
off at 1/200,000 of a second at that range would that record bee's
wings? Maybe not but you're not going to get camera or subject shake and
you ARE going to be able to stop down!

Oh I used the some cord and flash with the Leica and also in TTL mode.
Gee it might have corrected for some minor bellows factor!

Float like a butterfly sting like a bee!

Mark Rabiner
Portland, Oregon USA
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