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Subject: Re: [Leica] Why you shouldn't buy a Canon printer
From: Craig Zeni <>
Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2003 07:54:56 -0500
References: <>

>  Richard F. Man wrote:
>>There is this non-customer who has been pestering me all week, and 
>>I kept telling him he is trying to do things that are not meant to 
>>be for our products.
>There are instructions for using custom paper sizes in the Canon 
>i950 User Guide supplied on the CD-ROM with the printer when you buy 
>it.  There are instructions on the Apple Support web site for 
>defining and using custom paper sizes.  Custom paper sizes are a 
>built-in property of the Mac OS X operating system, and a standard 
>part of the "Print..." dialog box that you are presented with when 
>you select this from any programs "File" menu.
>As a result, I believe I'm justified in thinking that is a "thing 
>meant for the product".  This is not some strange, obscure, 
>esoteric, odd-ball, off-the-wall, undocumented, special-glue feature 
>that I'm trying to put together out of chewing gum and some leftover 
>plastic straws.
>What *really* pisses me off about this tech guy, though, (and many 
>other tech support organizations) is that I present myself as 
>someone who *has* done their background work.  I have put in an hour 
>of work isolating the problem to the printer driver.  I have checked 
>all available documentation and I am following the recommended 
>procedures in that documentations.  This was communicated to him at 
>the start of our conversation, to put him into the picture.
>And I still get treated like a monkey with a banana by some twit who 
>just can't be bothered to check into the problem.
>He never actually said "you cannot print on non-standard sized paper 
>with the i950" or "Canon printers don't support non-standard paper 
>sizes"  He just adamantly maintained that since the printer works on 
>predefined sizes of paper, there was nothing wrong with it.  And he 
>said in such a manner that suggested I was as dumb as a rotted 
>floorboard for even calling tech support in the first place.
>Nevermind that his claims was completely outside the scope of my problem.

I'd have been all over his supervisor like a cheap suit.  I don't 
tolerate that sort of rubbish any me around twice, and 
I'm pushing it up the food chain to his boss, then HIS boss, ad 
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