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Subject: RE: [Leica] Digilux angst
From: "Robert G. Stevens" <>
Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2003 19:34:06 -0400
References: <>

At 01:50 PM 3/16/2003 -0500, Austin Franklin wrote:
> > One of the rules to digitals is to always format the card only
> > using the in
> > camera format utility.
>I'm not saying that this doesn't work, but the reason it would make a
>difference is because there is a problem somewhere.  The electrical
>specifications and formatting of the FLASH card are very well documented,
>and I'm stunned that people accept this poor level of engineering from the
>Could this possibly be urban myth that as simply propagated from earlier
>compatibility issues that have long since been alleviated?

It is mostly from people formatting them through their computer.  It is a 
FAT file system used by the cameras and some cameras put a proprietary 
format on the card.  My D2000 does such a thing and thus allows a recover 
of deleted images through a camera menu.  And for others, it is just a 
software glitch between the card manufacturer and the camera manufacturer.

For example, the Lexar WA (write accelerated) cards can have corruption 
problems with some cameras.  They include a recovery program with the cards.

It is not always the cards problem.  Some problems can be related to the 
environment and handling.  For example, flash memory only has a lower 
working limit of 32 degrees Fahrenheit.  This in itself could have caused 
Marc's problem.  Shooting outside in the winter we have been having, it is 
not hard to get the camera to a temperature below the cards specifications.



>I have three consumer level digicams, and have not had this problem at all,
>and I swap cards between them and my notebook computer (using a PCMCIA
>adapter) quite frequently.
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