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Subject: Re: [Leica] Agfa 100 in XTOL
From: Mark Rabiner <>
Date: Sat, 08 Mar 2003 17:25:53 -0800
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Richard Wasserman wrote:
> On Saturday, March 8, 2003, at 03:58  PM, David C Mason wrote:
> > Thanks Mark. It must have been 20 minutes development time, if I
> > remember correctly. It was the first time I have used Microdol X... I
> > kind of like it.
> David,
> I've been using Microdol lately with a few films (not APX100 however).
> It's quite nice with FP4, so I would expect it to work well with APX
> 100.  I like it diluted 1:2.  It's just about as sharp as at 1:3, but
> the times are shorter.  Another thing to try is adding 1 teaspoon(4
> grams) of Sodium Ascorbate per liter of working solution.  It reduces
> the grain a bit, is very sharp, and reduces the time even more.  I may
> be in the minority here, but I am not a big fan of Xtol, it's too
> middle of the road for my taste.
> Richard Wasserman

Well when ever i hear of people adding some Sodium Ascorbate or vitamin
C by any other name into their soup I always Extol them for it!
Right down my ally!

I used to put a smidgen of Phenidone in my Dektol and it would then
assume all characteristics of LPD. As long as there's liquid in the tray
you're still making prints! Lasts forever and works in a cold darkroom.

Is Xtol all about Sodium Ascorbate working together with a modern
Phenidone or is the main point that Sodium Ascorbate can work together
super additively no doubt with many and most other reducers (developing
agents)? I hear of people adding it to their Wheaties in the morning and
it helps there too! Also their Rodinal. I think that is the case adding
it to D76 would be where I'd go first. 
Metol and Sodium Ascorbate has already been proven to be a great
combination when used in a conscientiously applied program of oral
hygiene and regular professional care.

Mark Rabiner
Portland, Oregon USA
Fax: 503-221-0308
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