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Subject: Re: [Leica] Love those APO Telyts !!
From: "tm" <>
Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2003 08:16:19 -0800
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The RT-S projector is a hit and is very popular amongst the elderly
photographers in my club. My only complaint about it is that it measures the
thickness of every slide mount. With members submitting slides encased in
plastic, cardboard, glass (Gepe), and old glass, the autofocus in the RT-S
doesn't work properly and I have to manually focus dozens of slides during
competitions. Leica employees had their heads up their butts when they
incorporated the measuring device. This is additionally frustrating because,
regretably, I previously bought the Pradovit 300 and it got hot and shut
down when showing slides. It was a waste of money! Anyways, Provia 100F
exposed via my Leica rangefinder and SLR lenses in combination with the
120mm and 150mm lenses for the RT-S is heavenly--perfection! I'm like a kid
in a candy store, eager to emotionally taste a slide projection.

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From: "Edward Caliguri"

> Terry-
>     Yes - I used the original 280 f/2.8  - then traded it for the newer
> modular versions, as I use both heads and the 1X and 1,4X back. This
> provides a 280 or 400 f/2.8 APO and a 560 f/5.6 APO  ( I know, I could
> a 400 f/4 but why?) -- this way in a blind I can have a 280 and 560 set on
> tripods, and also a 280 f/4.0 APO or, a new love, 400 6.8. set by my side
> for grab shots/stalking etc. LOVE the 1.4x converters with any of the
APOs -
> the 2X is a reach on the 560.
>     Like you, I use RTs and RTm projectors for a dissolve. And like you,
> have experienced the same comments. I'm far from a Norbert Rosing or Frans
> Lanting, but when I DO get a shot that I know is good, it jumps off the
> screen. I was lucky enough once to get a red tail hawk come right towards
> from about 50 yards, and grab what I think was a vole about 20 feet from
> camera. Not all the photos were pin sharp, but more than a few were. I
> it to my liking to pre-focus and let the subject fly at you, and fire away
> when it arrives at the zone of sharpness. Long story short, the bird in
> tree, sighting it's prey, swooping in to grab it, then having dinner,
> spectacular. You see every feather, slight color differentiation, in all
> what some call a 3D effect. Gotta love those APO Telyts! Try the new Kodak
> and GX films with it. You'll love it!
>     Ed

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