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Subject: [Leica] War Photographer
From: "bdcolen" <>
Date: Sun, 26 Jan 2003 22:41:13 -0500

Finally got to see War Photographer, the documentary about James
Nachtwey. And remembering someone on this list's complaint about how
"rude" and demanding Nachtwey was with his printer I was struck by how
polite, deferential yet instructive, and collaborative he was with his
printer. It just goes to show how two people can witness precisely the
same scene or event, from precisely the same vantage point, and see two
completely different events. So much for the value of eye witnesses.

Despite being about 20 minutes to long, and despite the fact that that
film maker really should have provided comments about Natchtwey and his
work from fellow photographers, rather than just from collaborators,
friends and a former lover, War Photographer is a pretty amazing look at
a truly amazing photographer and human being.

B. D.

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: Leica Users digest V24 #19/Nikonos

Well, Nikonos cameras have finders that are separate
from the taking lens, as do Leicas. Leica does not
currently make UW housings for their cameras--I'm not
sure they ever did. With that being the case, (and the
ziplock freezer bag "housing" I tried with my Mint,
black paint, M4 failing miserably in the deep end at
the local YMCA...), Nikonos are the best choice for
advanced underwater photography. As seems to be
evident by the number of postings on the subject, many
LUGgers own one or are interested in owning one in
addition to their Leica gear--which they cherish above
all others.  The maintenance information given on this
forum regarding the Nikonos was of paramount
importance, (I can attest to the fresh water rinse
after each use, and annual or semi-annual overhauls). 
One is not forced to read the postings if one does not
like the subject header/thread.



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> following items have to do with "LEICA"?
> Perhaps Nikonos lovers should set up their own group
> and not waste
> others time in this forum.
> On Friday, January 24, 2003, at 09:21 PM, Leica
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> > Leica Users digest       Friday, January 24 2003  
>     Volume 24 :
> > Number 019
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> > Topics in this digest:
> >          RE: RE: [Leica] FS Nikonos V and more
> with prices this time
> >     4 FS Nikonos V and more with prices this time
> >          Re: [Leica] FS Nikonos V and more with
> prices this time
> >     5 RE: [Leica] FS Nikonos V and more with
> prices this time
> >         2 RE: Re: [Leica] FS Nikonos V and more
> with prices this time
> >     4 FS Nikonos V
> David M. Dorn
> Hartford, CT
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