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Subject: RE: RE: [Leica] Loose Top Plate on M7 (now OT about businesses)
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 2003 14:57:12 -0600

Well, after reading the many positive posts about B&H and your combined
experience with them, it certainly makes me feel all that much better at
having to wait for another camera.

I also wanted to let those know that were following this post that I just
received a personal email from Roger Horn, President of Leica, USA.

In it, he expresses his concern about this defect and acknowledged my

He assured me that "B&H is one of the best photo retailers in the USA" and
also that "Leica will stand behind anything that needs to be done."

He is also going to forward information about this defect onto Solms for
following up. I don't know if that means after getting the camera back and
inspecting it in NJ.

At any rate, I think this shows that problems can and will happen to best of
things. But, as one LUG member so eloquently put it below, it's the service
after the problem that really counts.

In this day and age of enlightened Internet connectivity, human contact
still has it's place.

Tom Henson

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From: Frank Farmer [] 
Sent: Wednesday, January 22, 2003 10:40 AM
Subject: Re: RE: [Leica] Loose Top Plate on M7 (now OT about businesses)

Actually, I have also always had a good experience with B&H.  I don't know
Henry though.  It seems to me that when something goes wrong, it is a great
business opportunity for the business to KEEP a customer.  Sounds funny, but
the places that keep my business are the ones that make me happy when
something screws up.  I know that sometimes things are going to get screwed
up.  If you handle that situation properly, I'll be happier leaving after
the screw up than I would've been leaving if everything was ok in the first
place.  B&H has always been easy to deal with for me.  Granted, I've only
bought a couple of cameras and a number of lenses.  I'm no pro.  But, I like
them.  Way to go Henry.


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Sent: 01/21/03 01:51 PM
Subject: RE: [Leica] Loose Top Plate on M7

> I just heard back from Henry at B&H and he has already followed up 
> with two
people at Leica USA on this.

He seemed every bit as concerned as I and evidently Leica USA is also very

Henry has assured me that I will be getting a brand new M7, not the one I
returned. He even went the extra mile and will refund my shipping cost for
sending it back.

I thank Henry for his help and applaud the ability of a large company like
B&H to please the customer and make it right.

I know sometimes dealing with a large company the size of B&H can be
frustrating, but making Henry aware of this problem made all the difference.

That says a lot about Henry and for B&H.

Tom Henson

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From: Austin Franklin [] 
Sent: Tuesday, January 21, 2003 10:27 AM
Subject: RE: [Leica] Loose Top Plate on M7


> I did not fill out the warranty card (thank goodness) and expect that
> B&H should simply send me another new M7 as a replacement.

Probably not...someone will take a screwdriver out of their drawer, and
tighten the screws and send the same camera back to you.  It's an open box,
and they can't sell it as new now...


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